Registered US Patent Attorney

Professional qualifications:
- US Patent Attorney
- US Attorney-at-law, member of the California State Bar
- Certified Patent Valuation Analyst

Technical background and specialties:
- B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto
- M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto
- Juris Doctor, University of San Francisco

Sam has over twenty years of experience as an engineer and a patent practitioner. He was a Patent Agent at a San Francisco IP law firm before moving back to Hong Kong. As an engineer, he has worked for a number of Silicon Valley companies on projects spanning across software, electronics, communications, and system control technologies.

Before joining Idea Intellectual Limited, Sam was the lead US Patent Attorney at a leading IP firm in Hong Kong where Sam worked closely with many Hong Kong research institutes, universities, US based technology companies, other commercial entities and individual inventors.

His patent prosecution experience and opinion work cover a wide range of technologies including the technical fields of software, mobile computing, displays, imaging devices, telecommunications, mobile networks, printers, cameras, automobile, marine vessels, construction and mining equipment, semiconductors, microelectronic devices, fiber optic systems, and biomedical devices. He has also engaged in intellectual property strategies, patent portfolio developments, IP valuations, IP licensing, product design reviews, patent landscaping, freedom-to-operate and infringement opinions, and IP enforcement cases.

Professional Intellectual Property Services


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