Senior Patent Specialist

Professional qualifications:
- Certified Patent Valuation Analyst

Technical background and specialties:
- BSc in Biology, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
- MPhil in Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
- Juris Doctor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Before commencing a career in intellectual property, Johnny devoted his time to marine biology and medical research in his graduate and postgraduate studies. His research interests include stem cell therapy for cardiovascular disease and spinal cord injury, plankton biodiversity, and neurotoxin in fish. Johnny’s work experience also covers the commercial sector. He was a product specialist and technical support for a multinational genes and protein diagnostic products manufacturer.

After he obtained his legal qualification in Hong Kong, he worked for a biotech start-up in Hong Kong as an in-house legal executive. His duties at that time included drafting internal and external contracts, reviewing and drafting FDA approval-related application documents, preparing and filing corporate compliance documents, dealing with legal issues in fundraising from internal and external parties, coordinating and holding shareholders’ meeting and board meeting, managing and preparing applications for company’s IPR, etc.

Johnny has over 10 years of experience in drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. At Idea Intellectual, he is also responsible for liaising with public and private entities for provision of patent-related services, contract management and patent portfolio management.

Professional Intellectual Property Services


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