Qualified China Patent Agent

Professional qualifications:
- P.R.C. Patent Agent

Technical background and specialties:
- BSc in Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
- MPhil in Electronics Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Before joining Idea Intellectual Limited, Flora was a patent agent at an established law firm in Hong Kong. Her practice concentrated on patent prosecution, infringement assessments, patent invalidation and freedom to operate studies in a wide range of technical fields such as fintech, telecommunication, smart lighting, healthcare, voice recognition and virtual reality. Many of the key clients Flora has served were multinational corporations.

Before entering private practice, Flora served as an IP manager at one of the largest research institutes in Hong Kong, overseeing patent portfolios, screening inventions before filing patent applications and providing IP training for research and development groups.

Flora also has extensive R&D work experience in opto-electronic devices and process development of semiconductor assembly equipment. She is also named as an inventor on a number of opto-electronic device patents in China and US.

Professional Intellectual Property Services


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