A design patent protects a novel shape or surface ornamentation applied to an article of manufacture. Visual ornamental characteristics embodied in an object is what design is all about. Therefore, features that are defined by their technical function cannot be protected by a design registration. We can assist you in registering and maintaining your design right in Hong Kong and the US, as well as around the world.

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You May Need To Know

Like, patents and trademarks, you must apply to each individual country in which you wish to seek design protection.

Relax! We will be able to streamline your multi-country registration process.

And again, you do not need to file in all countries in one go, once the first design registration is filed, you have 6 months to file subsequent countries.

To register a design, we will need at least one view (usually up to seven views) of your product. The view must be provided in the form of preferably black and white line drawings or photographs in a neutral background. Moreover, the article of your design needs to be classified.

Hong Kong, like most other jurisdictions, follows the LOCARNO Classification of the World Intellectual Property Organization, while US has its own slightly different classification system, USPC.

Design applications will be examined. The whole process generally takes approximately six months to one year. A design registration will be published thereafter. As such, if you wish to seek patent protection in the same product, you must inform us so that we can ensure the design registration does not have any negative effects on your patent application.

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